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Get Your Children's First Aid and CPR Kit today!
Children's First Aid and CPR Kit
Children's First Aid Kit

We are Now Selling our Children's First aid and CPR Kit on Amazon. You now have the option to buy Here or through Amazon. Check out our Amazon Page today, and be sure to leave a Review if you like our Product!

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Childhood death and injury can be prevented

2/3 of childhood deaths occur to children under age 1 due to suffocation

Drowning is the leading cause of death for children age 1–4

Children ages 5-19 died most often from Motor Vehicle Traffic Crashes

Knowing what to do during a fire can mean the difference between life and death

Fire spread can become dangerous to life after just 2 minutes

Within 5 minutes a fire can engulf a house

Do you have smoke detectors? Do you check them regularly?

Our specialized classes educate the whole family together

Learn the steps needed to prevent an injury your home

Teaching your children First Aid will cement its importance for life — you never know when they might need it!

Even those who have undergone First Aid training in the past can always use a refresher course

Why the Children's First Aid and CPR Kit
Built with you in mind

As a Father and First Responder, I have seen the need for a first aid kit.  Accidents happen at a moment's notice and you have to be prepared.  For me, I could never find the perfect kit. There was too much fluff and not enough high-quality pieces to be beneficial. After 2 years of searching I finally decided to create a kit that would work well for Children's parents and caregivers should they have a medical emergency. 

High Quality Materials & Ready When you need it

Made from high-quality rip-resistant Polyester, making this medical kit water resistant and rip resistant. Features a D-Ring and back mounting system so it can be attached to almost anything.

Small enough that you can put it in your bag, car, or truck. Have the equipment that you need. Every kit comes with training links to show you what you can do with all the equipment and how to use it.  So if you ever need it you won't have to worry. You will be ready to help. 

On-Site Training and Certification
On-Site Training and Certification
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