Over my 20 years as a firefighter and paramedic in Pittsburgh and the surrounding area, I have seen and felt the heartache and sadness people experience when faced with the worst emergencies. I have always wished I could have done more.

When my son was born, I understood a new kind of anxiety when I realized I could not protect him all the time. No matter how well I was trained, if I wasn’t there, I could not help.

Over time and without realizing it, I created a “course” for my wife that would help her in an emergency. 8 years later, I have refined that information and condensed it into an easy-to-follow life safety program that provides training to help families at home.

Don’t spend any more time worrying about your family — know that you are prepared and ready to help should an emergency arise.

Feel free to ask about the in-home safety class or our CPR and First Aid training classes. We make things easy and will come to you.