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Booking a training is as easy as filling out the information form above or calling The Life Safety Pro at 412-712-7146. 

If you are looking for a class for your facility or you are an individual that needs training, we have you covered. 

Our training options fit your needs and accomodate your schedule with classes offered During the week, evenings and weekends. 

Learning Options Available to you!

Group Classes at your Business
Do you own a Child Care business and you would like us to come out for your training. Not a problem. We offer low class sizes to meet your needs. 
Blended / Hybrid Learning
This is a great option for people on a Time Crunch who might not have a lot of time.
You watch the training videos at your own pace and we setup a time to review the skills and make sure you feel comfortable using these new skills. 
Individual Trainings - You Come to us or We come to you
Maybe your the only one at your center that needs the training right now? Not a problem we have options for you too. We can come to your facility or your home to review the skills. With all these options you don't have to worry if you will get your Training in time. 

In-Home Family CPR and Safety Training

Being a new parent can bring a host of anxieties, but the most important thing to consider is safety. 

Having CPR and First Aid training in your home can give you and your entire family peace of mind in case of an emergency. 

Knowing that you have the skills and knowledge to handle medical situations confidently and responsibly can provide comfort during those difficult times. 

Investing in a CPR and First Aid course for your entire family will also help them prepare for any potential dangers, allowing them to stay calm and react properly should an incident occur. 

Having this training can be the difference between life or death - so make sure to book a session with our experienced instructors today!
Jeremy Manke
The Life Safety Pro was founded to help those in need of training. I felt even more of a calling to help other learn these skills when my son was born. I realzied that I cannot be everywhere at once. So, the more people I can train, the more people will be out there that can save a life. 

Let us help you will your CPR and First Aid training. You will not be disappointed. 
  • 20+ Year Experience

  • Paramedic, Firefighter and Father

  • Your Cards are Sent the Same Day

Full In-Person Training 
at Your Facility or come to us

Pediatric CPR and First Aid Training
Full In-Person Training 4.5 Hrs. 
In YOUR Facility or Ours 
For those who would rather learn IN-Person
2 - Year Certification through HSI
PQAS Certified Instructors

Pediatric CPR and First aid Blended Learning

Save Money while working at Home
Watch Videos at your OWN pace 
Spend less HOURS in the Classroom
SHORT skills session (1 Hr.)
Schedule that works for YOU
2 - Year Certificaton through HSI
PQAS Certifed Instructors 

Premium Package
We Come to Your House

Don't Want to Leave the House for Training?
We Come to YOUR House 
Watch Videos at your OWN pace 
Learn from the comfort of Your Couch 
Limit within 15 Miles of Pittsburgh
2 Year Certification through HSI
PQAS Certified Instructors 

We are Here to Help. Book Your Class today or Get more information below.

What People are Saying?
“Very friendly and great instruction ! This has been my favorite CPR Class! Thank you!”

Brandy Bartz


“I've gone through a number of first aid training/certification sessions before and Jeremy's is the best by far!”

Joni Mulvaney


“Jeremy came out and trained our staff on site. He went over the material thoroughly, but was still very engaging and entertaining, and everyone enjoyed it very much.”

Adam Lucas


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